Corporate Management

Expert, farsighted and transparent corporate governance is the basis for establishing trust in our company among business partners, employees, investors and the public as a whole.

As required by law and the company’s Articles of Association, there are two governing bodies at KWS: the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board runs the company on its own responsibility and conducts business with third parties. The Supervisory Board appoints, advises and monitors the Executive Board in accordance with the provisions of the German Corporate Governance Code. Both bodies discuss the company’s current business situation and performance, market trends, the competitive environment, strategic alignment, the risk situation and activities relating to risk management, continuously and proactively.

The Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board examines the annual financial statements and accounting of KWS SAAT SE, the consolidated financial statements of the KWS Group and the quarterly reports during the fiscal year.


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