Strategic planning

We are currently the world’s No. 4 in the market for agricultural seed, and the prospects for research and development in this field are highly promising:

As the world’s population continues to soar, there is also growing demand for food and sustainably produced energy. The core challenge for our plant breeders is and will therefore remain to enable significant increases in agricultural yield by continuously improving productivity per unit area.

Forecasts indicate that cultivation areas for our crops will remain stable. Our long-term corporate strategy helps us ensure that our diverse product range meets the changing and often very specific needs of our customers. To enable that, an overarching, farsighted strategy for the entire KWS Group is formulated in a continuous, structured process for all KWS’ crops. This strategy is our roadmap for the future and points us in the direction we aim to go – for example as regards the long-term focus of our breeding work.

To achieve our long-term objectives and remain competitive, safeguarding and expanding our core business has top priority. We see further potential in energy plants and growth regions such as Eastern Europe and China.

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