KWS is divided into the product segments Sugarbeet, Corn and Cereals, and Breeding & Services. This structure permits a high degree of customer orientation in all parts of the KWS Group.

Sugarbeet includes multiplication, processing and distribution activities for sugarbeet seed and KWS’ potato activities. The lead company is KWS SAAT SE.

The Corn Segment covers production and distribution of corn seed and the product areas of oil and field seed (rapeseed, sunflower, sorghum and field seed). The lead company is KWS MAIS GMBH.

The Cereals Segment includes production and distribution of hybrid rye, wheat, barley, rapeseed (lines) and grain peas. The lead company is KWS LOCHOW GMBH.

Research & development supports the strategic objectives of the individual product segments by continuously developing competitive products.

Six regional service companies provide administrative services on behalf of and in support of the operational parts of the company.

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